Liebster Award!

​Proud moment: My blog got nominated for the wonderful “Liebster Award”. 🌸 

I was nominated by Saranya. She is an amazing writer who writes about some of the coolest things in the world we all can relate to. ✨You must go and check her blog right away. It’s that amazing😃believe me!

Going further, let’s quickly go through the rules that are a must to follow: 

  1. Create a new post thanking the           person who nominated you. 
  2.  Provide a link to their blog.
  3.  Include award graphic.
  4.  Answer the questions provided.
  5.  Make a new set of 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

So, now I’ll be presenting my set of questions for the nominees. And these are as follows:


  1. Who is your “Role Model” ?
  2. What is your favourite song? 
  3. Which is your favourite movie?
  4. What is the weirdest dream you’ve ever had? 
  5. How was your day today?
  6. What are the qualities that attract you the most in any person? 
  7. Best Friend or Love?
  8. A person other then your family who came into your life and transformed it in a good way?
  9. Your new years resolution is ? 
  10. The person you can call at midnight and will pick up your phone? 

Coming back to the questions Saranya asked me.

  • Where do you see yourself 30 years from now?

30 years from now I see myself writing my 5000th post for this blog as a successful writer, having coffee and sitting in peace listening to my favourite tracks with my family. 

  • What is your biggest challenge in life? 

Life in itself is a challenge. We face challenges daily and this is the way we pass through all the hurdles and achieve our goals. I face a number of challenges on daily basis. They can be small or big, but at the end of the day I sleep being happy and making everyone around me happy and I believe this is what matters.

  •  What kind of writer are you?

Alright, so I’m the kind of writer who will write things that people can relate to. On seeing my posts, and while going through each line, you’ll say “Oh! THIS IS ME, THIS IS ME, THIS IS ME!!” That’s all I can say. 

  •  What is your biggest dream? How far are you from it? 

My biggest dream is a secret. You’ll get to know about it, once I achieve it. I’ll post about it as well. Don’t worry.

  •  What is your firm belief?

It is my firm belief that one day everyone around me will be proud and the reason will be “ME” 


Finally, mention an inspiring quote to end this Q&A session with a beautiful message.


“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style.” 


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Happy New Year✨

Happy New Year to my WordPress family!🌸✨ I wish you all the happiness and love that you always wanted. May this and the coming years be the best years of your life. ❤ 



Now the question is do you? Do you look Inside? Are you aware of what you’re going through? What you feel? What do you think of yourself? Are your actions affecting you or other people around you? 

Now, don’t you think you should know these things about yourself. I mean yes, it’s important to know others point of view about you, but it is equally important to know what you think of yourself. You should know what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how you can apply them in going through various phases in life. 

You should know when you are happy, sad, angry, jealous, fearful etc. And you should know what all things you should do to make yourself feel better. Whether you want to talk to a friend, or spend some time alone, listen to your favourite tracks, dance, watch funny videos, go for a walk, or a long drive. 

Don’t always let others tell what you should do, sometimes it should be exclusively your call as to what you should do at a particular moment in life.  

It’s high time we spend some of our time introspecting ourselves and help ourselves grow, develop, and love ourselves even more. 

Because in the end it’s your life. People may come, people may go, but you’ll be with yourself forever. 

Forever may be a forever lie when it comes to others but when it comes to ourselves forever is a reality and we’ll be with ourselves till our last breath. Complicated?

 No. Think again. 


​An introvert? Yes, I am. 

Though it’s difficult to accept that you’re an introvert but once you do, life gets easier and a lot more happier. 

Yes I don’t talk to everybody, I don’t socialise much. Much? Or maybe I don’t socialise at all. I don’t talk to anyone, except a few of them, the ones close to my heart which includes my family and some idiots whom I call my friends. 

This is one reason why people think I’m rude, arrogant, stone hearted, and bitter. But the ones close to me know who I am, and maybe they are the only ones I care about. Yes, I don’t like drama and unnecessary crowd around me. Instead, I enjoy being alone at home, doing literally nothing and still being happy.

I don’t smile seeing everyone, I don’t know what everybody around me is doing and neither am I interested in knowing.

Being an introvert I observe people around me, before sharing anything with them. I choose people who I’ll be going to connect with, and trust me those connections from my side last for lifetime. Those connections will be deep, because I’ve chosen my tribe myself. 

Of course, this trait of mine of observing people helps me understanding them better and empathising with them, which makes me a very likable person. People trust me for who I am because I’m never faking it out.

I love listening more then speaking, that makes me understand life situations better, and helps me in taking better decisions. I learn from others’ experiences. 

Being an observer, I know what people are thinking, I can make that out quite easily, and mind you most of the times I am accurate in reading their minds. 

I don’t socialise much, this helps me to indulge in more productive activities or maybe I’ve more time to sleep and yes, to introspect. I understand myself better and motivate myself to grow and achieve more. 

And yeah! I don’t like attending weddings and late night parties, I like spending time alone at home. 

I love having tea or coffee with myself watching the sky or my favourite web series. 

Being an introvert doesn’t mean I don’t like extroverts, in fact they are the ones I connect the most with and surprisingly all my friends are extroverts. 

I do a lot of things and I am very creative but I don’t feel like showing my talent to the world, I love to keep things to myself, and enjoy the fact that I’m such a creative person. Hahah! 


Alright, so I’m done for now. I hope if you’re an introvert too, you’re going to relate. I hope this helps. Being an introvert is nothing wrong, it’s just the way you’re. Be proud of what you are. 

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