The super power you possess- The power of words.

Hello everyone!

What are words?

Different lines aligned to each other are words that contain sounds and meanings assigned to them.

Now, when I say I have a dog. What can you imagine? The picture of a dog. How do you know what is a dog? Obviously, because you’ve been taught about these words and what meaning they possess since childhood is the reason when I said I have a dog, you created a picture of a dog in your mind.

Words, words are so important. You know that every one of us has a super power, the power of words. In this context you can use your power in a positive manner and become a superhero or in a negative manner to become a villain.

Any feeling, of anger, sadness, happiness, affection, any emotion has no meaning if not expressed in words. Words give meanings to your expressions. Also, in this fast moving modern world where everything is growing at it’s own pace we use words also in short forms which becomes disrespectful for the existence of words is what I believe. Don’t lose the depth of your words, of your communications for the sake of moving in parallel with this fast world.

Now tell me,
Do you think before speaking? Or May I say do you rethink before speaking a word out of your mouth?
Do you know your words can make up or break up someone. Your words have the greatest power to heal someone or otherwise aggravating their problem or situation. You should be aware of the impact your words can make on a person’s life or in a particular situation. You know there would have been absolutely no wars if their were no misuse of the power of words. Why do you think wars begin? Obviously, because someone said something to the other one. Words have so much greater of an impact that you can’t even imagine. How a small political statement can agitate the whole country’s political system? How a small dialogue is used for the entire promotion of a movie and what great influence it makes in the hearts of the fans? How a small sentence of appreciation can make a person’s whole day all the more beautiful? How do a few words of motivation by great personalities can boost up your confidence at a whole new level that you begin to do things that you would’ve otherwise not done? Have you noticed how a few words of discouragement can discourage a person so much that they are forced to get themselves indulged in wrong practices or take them into depression, they might even lose their entire self esteem? How you get lost in the wonderful words used in novels or poems? How do those three magical words are magical? What magic do those words possess?

Friends, magic is their in each and every word that you speak or may be write. Take great care and precaution while speaking every single word. Rethink before saying anything to anyone. Your thinking it twice can have unimaginable positive consequences on your as well as your loved one’s lives. Say good words, with magic in them, heal others, appreciate others, make them feel protected, make everyone feel that they are perfect with your words, and finally make this world a beautiful, magical and a perfect place to live in.

Respect words, love words, listen to words carefully and take great care while using words.

Thank you, and a have a beautiful day filled with magical words and huge amount of unconditional love for you my pretty reader.


Heaven Sent ( Final Part)- Collaboration


As days went by, from strangers we shifted to being good friends. I knew I was the only one whom he talks with. Our everyday chit chat got us a whole lot closer then we could’ve ever thought. He became my life. He knew everything about me and I knew all the incidences that could’ve ever existed in his life. Our music sessions that we attended together made our bond even more stronger. He was the guitarist, and we both used to sing together. Our music made people fall in love with us and gradually we two were a band. Everything was going good, we clicked well. But to my surprise this happiness wasn’t to be sustained for too long.

It was the end of the year and the end of Rehans college. Being one year younger to him I had to be here for 1 more year because of which I was completely shattered. Everyone thought that Rehan being the charming guy he was would attract any girl in the town and would eventually forget me. I had absolutely no clue where he was. Suddenly, he was gone. No one knew where he was staying. I didn’t even knew whether he was here or in some other country. I did all that I could do to find him but couldn’t manage to find him anywhere. I lost all hopes to get him back in my life and as everyone around me pressurised me to lead a new life, I decided to go with the flow.

5 years later,

I was at the peak of my carrier. I was the owner of a music company and I too released a few albums of my own. Now, was the right time according to my father to see me getting married to a gentleman, made for me in heaven. I wasn’t really ready for the same but agreed to my father’s suggestion of me getting married. It was not even a month since my father’s search for an ideal groom began, that people started visiting our house. It was quite annoying for real but I couldn’t do anything about it. Then finally my father selected a guy, and came to me giving all his details. His name was Mayank. And the way my father described him, I too found him to be a decent guy. So, I agreed to meet him as per my Paa’s wishes. Our first meeting went well, we had a normal conversation getting basic details about each other. He seemed quite to be quite similar as per my father’s description of him. We both were ambitious and pretty serious about our careers. Though he was charming and confident, one thing that I found hard to ignore was that he showed respect and agreed to my decision of continuing my work and follow by ambitions even after marriage. After a few meetings our marriage was fixed in December.

We didn’t realize how these couple of months went and finally came the big day of my life when I was supposed to get married. All these years after college I couldn’t get Rehan out of my head as he was for me as soul is to body. But, I started to live with the fact that it was past and everyone that comes to your life is a part of your life’s journey and a very few turn out to be those permanents in your life. Also, I told myself that we weren’t meant to be together. Then suddenly on my wedding day I got a call from a random number. As I picked it up, I heard my name, “Vrushika…”.

I freezed for a while as it was Rehan’s voice, I very well knew. I asked him, “Where are you?” There were hundreds of thoughts going on in my head. My voice started shivering. I asked the same question again. He then told me to look outside the window. I saw him standing outside my house with red eyes. I went downstairs running to hug him. We both started crying as it was long time since we have last met. Then my father came outside and with a shocked state he asked, “What is going on?”. I told him everything and that how much I loved him. He got angry but I somehow managed to convince him to stop the wedding. In a matter of few minutes I saw Rehan as he got down on his knees and asked me to marry him with a beautiful ring along with the proposal. Very obvious, I had to say “Yes!” To the love of my life. It was ironic how he came on the same day as my wedding.

Truely as my paa believed couples are made in heaven.

And on the same day in the presence of music, poetry, prayers of the religious texts we both exchanged our marriage vows.


Thank you so much for going through our work. Your gesture is much appreciated!


The writers.

P.S. This post is written by me in collaboration with Aditi Tyagi. She is a great writer and her blog is awe-inspiring. Do check out her posts! They are worth seeing. You can visit her blog here.

Heaven sent (Part 2) – Collaboration


I looked inside to see his face and suddenly he saw me staring at him. I don’t know how but everything just stopped. I could not help but gaze at those alluring, ocean blue eyes and everything else was fading at that moment. Everything felt so magical and suddenly I heard a clap around me, it was Riddhi, asking me to go along with her to the playground. I looked back from the glass of the door, but he wasn’t there. I felt so resentful, I could’ve At least asked him his name or something.

After that I used to look for him wherever I used to go but couldn’t find him. Until one day when I went to the canteen to buy a sandwich. I saw him again standing alone at the backside of the canteen smoking cigarette. I decided to approach him. I asked him ” Hey! You are the guy who was playing guitar in the music room. Right?!” He looked at me for a while like I was interrupting him, which I was.

He finally responded by saying “Yes”. I than introduced myself ” Hi! I am Vrushika, newcomer, by the way you play guitar really well!” He didn’t even bother to look at me and said “Thanks” as I found him not at all interested in talking to me and was about to leave, Ridhi called out my name and I left.

She than asked me ” What were you doing there with that guy?”

” I saw him playing guitar in the music room, I just wanted to talk and he didn’t even looked at me. Such a rude guy;( “ -I replied. ” Yes, he is rude that’s why no one talks to him anymore and by the way his name is ‘Rehan’.”

“What! That’s him? Mayra’s boyfriend!”

” Ya! He was Mayra’s boyfriend.”

“Well, I don’t like him, who ever he is!”

” Hey! Where is my sandwich you went to get?”

“Oh! I forgot ‘SORRY’. I’ll bring it wait. No, it’s fine don’t go back. We’ll eat it tomorrow. Now Let’s go, class is about to start”– she said. I decided not to talk even see that guy again but that’s not what quite happened.

I auditioned for the school choir and got selected. I was happy as I love singing. So, I was excited to be a part of it. Next day, I went for the practice session and the first thing I saw was Rehan playing guitar and other students were singing the songs. He saw me entering the music room. My music teacher asked me to sit and learn the lyrics. I did the same.

When I was done he told me to sit next to Rehan and practice with music. I wanted to say ‘No’ but didn’t wanted to think of me as disobeying his order. So I sat next to him to practice. He played his guitar and I sang. When we finished all the people who were there clapped for us and appreciated us both. I was smiling while he was just sitting.

Everyone got out of the room while I was finding my notebook in a hurry as I didn’t wanted to be all alone with Rehan and he was just sitting there with his guitar. It was all awkward and he suddenly said, “ sing well!” I was nervous so, just said, “Thanks” and quickly went out of the class.

To be continued…

P.S. This post is written by me in collaboration with Aditi Tyagi. She is a great writer and her blog is awe-inspiring. Do check out her posts! They are worth seeing. You can visit her blog here.

Heaven sent (Part 1) – Collaboration


Looking back to the day when I was struggling/trying hard to convince my parents to send me to the school in which my best friend was studying since her childhood.” No! It’s too far.” Shouted my mom. I don’t know why she always try to keep me in front of her eyes. Like someone’s going to kidnap me or something.

My father like always agrees to whatever my mother says. After long discussions and tons of arguments, I was finally allowed to go to the same school where my best friend ‘Ridhima’ was and the best part was that I got rid of the ICSE board and was about to complete the rest of my schooling from CBSE.

Like every child’s first day at school, I was being introduced by my best friend to all my new classmates. Everyone seemed to be really excited seeing me but there was this one girl who said I resembled someone named ‘Mayra’.

Being completely unaware of who Mayra was, I asked Ridhima to tell me something about her. But, every time I tried to ask her about Mayra, she used to change the topic and that made me more curious about her.

One fine evening, we went to the park to get some fresh air. Ridhima was in a really good mood that day. So, I thought now is the time to ask her about Mayra. “Who is ‘Mayra’ Ridhi?”– I asked. She stared at me for a while, and then finally decided to tell me.

“She was our senior! Pretty, Christian girl with aesthetic eyes. She was everyones crush in school, I never talked to her because I thought she was arrogant but deep down I knew she was kind hearted.

Her father left her mother, they had a divorce. As her mother found it very difficult to raise her children, she added poison in the meal of her son, daughter and herself and they all died that day.” She said.

I was in a shock for a while and was recovering when she added, ” She had a boyfriend named ‘Rehan’ he was in her class but different sections. Rehan was this cool, tall, fair guy with blue eyes which every girl dreamt to be with. They were in school choir, he used to play guitar and was very passionate about it. His passion also included playing football and he was the captain of our school’s football team.

They were in love and were together since 8th standard. But, from the day when he got to know about her passing away, he completely transformed into a guy that had concern with no one. He’s always lost in his own world and doesn’t find anyone worth talking to. He’s arrogant and rude to another level is the reason no one likes him anymore.”

After this conversation, we went back to our homes but I was really intrigued to know about who Rehan was!

The next day, after the bell for the lunch rang, we left our class to go to the ground. While I was just passing through the corridor, I saw a guy playing guitar in the music room.

To be continued…

P.S. This post is written by me in collaboration with Aditi Tyagi. She is a great writer and her blog is awe-inspiring. Do check out her posts! They are worth seeing. You can visit her blog here.

How to stop over thinking?

How to stop over thinking?

Thinking is good but over thinking sometimes creates problems.

I know what it feels to overthink literally, the smallest things in life. What I’ve found is that people overthink, and one of the major cause for this is the FEAR of losing something or someone from their life. Or maybe, because we still live in our past, and expect that a few things never happened the way they did. But you know what it’s over and trust me you’ve come a long way. Also, the people who truly want you will be by your side everytime and whatever happens, they’ll always love you. Everything is good and you my darling are living a great life which many people crave for!

Just a few things I wish to tell that I basically do whenever I feel that I’m making mountain from a molehill. I listen to my favourite tracks, pen down or may be write whatever I’m thinking about on a paper or my phone and then throw the paper or delete the things I’ve written or typed (So, that I just take out everything that’s causing my head to pain!), I go out for a walk sometimes, or call my loved ones, talk to my friends, dance, sing, annoy people around me (that’s something I really enjoy doing) or eat what I love.

You should focus on things that make you feel content and divert your mind from that cause of your overthinking.

Enjoy and a have a nice day!

Liebster Award!

​Proud moment: My blog got nominated for the wonderful “Liebster Award”. 🌸 

I was nominated by Saranya. She is an amazing writer who writes about some of the coolest things in the world we all can relate to. ✨You must go and check her blog right away. It’s that amazing😃believe me!

Going further, let’s quickly go through the rules that are a must to follow: 

  1. Create a new post thanking the           person who nominated you. 
  2.  Provide a link to their blog.
  3.  Include award graphic.
  4.  Answer the questions provided.
  5.  Make a new set of 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

So, now I’ll be presenting my set of questions for the nominees. And these are as follows:


  1. Who is your “Role Model” ?
  2. What is your favourite song? 
  3. Which is your favourite movie?
  4. What is the weirdest dream you’ve ever had? 
  5. How was your day today?
  6. What are the qualities that attract you the most in any person? 
  7. Best Friend or Love?
  8. A person other then your family who came into your life and transformed it in a good way?
  9. Your new years resolution is ? 
  10. The person you can call at midnight and will pick up your phone? 

Coming back to the questions Saranya asked me.

  • Where do you see yourself 30 years from now?

30 years from now I see myself writing my 5000th post for this blog as a successful writer, having coffee and sitting in peace listening to my favourite tracks with my family. 

  • What is your biggest challenge in life? 

Life in itself is a challenge. We face challenges daily and this is the way we pass through all the hurdles and achieve our goals. I face a number of challenges on daily basis. They can be small or big, but at the end of the day I sleep being happy and making everyone around me happy and I believe this is what matters.

  •  What kind of writer are you?

Alright, so I’m the kind of writer who will write things that people can relate to. On seeing my posts, and while going through each line, you’ll say “Oh! THIS IS ME, THIS IS ME, THIS IS ME!!” That’s all I can say. 

  •  What is your biggest dream? How far are you from it? 

My biggest dream is a secret. You’ll get to know about it, once I achieve it. I’ll post about it as well. Don’t worry.

  •  What is your firm belief?

It is my firm belief that one day everyone around me will be proud and the reason will be “ME” 


Finally, mention an inspiring quote to end this Q&A session with a beautiful message.


“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style.” 


Now, I’m further nominating 10 blogs for the “Liebster Award” .

Aditi Tyagi

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Happy New Year✨

Happy New Year to my WordPress family!🌸✨ I wish you all the happiness and love that you always wanted. May this and the coming years be the best years of your life. ❤ 



Now the question is do you? Do you look Inside? Are you aware of what you’re going through? What you feel? What do you think of yourself? Are your actions affecting you or other people around you? 

Now, don’t you think you should know these things about yourself. I mean yes, it’s important to know others point of view about you, but it is equally important to know what you think of yourself. You should know what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how you can apply them in going through various phases in life. 

You should know when you are happy, sad, angry, jealous, fearful etc. And you should know what all things you should do to make yourself feel better. Whether you want to talk to a friend, or spend some time alone, listen to your favourite tracks, dance, watch funny videos, go for a walk, or a long drive. 

Don’t always let others tell what you should do, sometimes it should be exclusively your call as to what you should do at a particular moment in life.  

It’s high time we spend some of our time introspecting ourselves and help ourselves grow, develop, and love ourselves even more. 

Because in the end it’s your life. People may come, people may go, but you’ll be with yourself forever. 

Forever may be a forever lie when it comes to others but when it comes to ourselves forever is a reality and we’ll be with ourselves till our last breath. Complicated?

 No. Think again. 

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